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By Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap. Technical Manual on DVD! Complete disassembly & reassembly shown. Packed with fascinating info on the history, design, & function of your firearm. Includes a FREE printable schematic! DVD, 94 min.

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The Automat-Kalashinikov (AK-47) is without a doubt the most prolific rife ever produced. Over 50 million of these “assault rifles” have been manufactured in Russia, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Yugoslavia, and other countries combined. Tens of thousands of the semi-auto variant have been sold in the USA, including the MAK-90, NHM-91, SA-93, Maadi, Valmets as well as others. This armorer’s course will explain in detail why this design is so rugged and how to insure continued reliability. Close-ups are shown of all the internal parts using a cutaway gun and complete step by step assembly/disassembly is demonstrated. Numerous simple repairs are explained and a list of critical spare parts presented. Instructed by Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap. Applicable to all makes and models.

“Video How-To Manuals: for your firearms! AGI DVD courses enable YOU to understand, maintain, and repair your firearms. By simply watching AGI’s Armorer’s Course DVDs you will know how your firearm functions step-by-step, how to totally disassemble it, maintain it, and even do common repairs. Guaranteed! Each armorer’s course will teach you important details about the history, design of your firearm & how it functions – step-by-step – with cut-away views of the intricate internal workings not normally visible. We cover complete disassembly & assembly, not just field stripping like other videos. And AGI keeps you out of trouble by telling you what parts you should never remove.

There have never been gunsmithing DVDs this complete before! You will learn feeding & ejection corrections, tuning, the most common problems and solutions, which parts are needed to keep your firearms working – and mistakes to avoid. All of our armorer’s courses are now available on DVD AND VIDEO.

All DVDs include a FREE printable schematic!


ISBN: 0-AGI-#1054DVD
Publisher: American Gunsmithing Institute
Publish Date: 07-14-2004


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