by: Eric Newman

The most comprehensive guidebook ever written on flyfishing in the state of New York. Rivers, lakes and streams are all covered in great detail. Also includes listings of fly shops, lodges & detailed travel info. 130 maps, hatch charts, B&W photos; 6×9 inches, 510 pgs.

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New York State is considered by most to be the origin of flyfishing.

Millions of anglers travel every year to fish these pristine waters.

In the North East, New York is THE place to flyfish.

From the fabled Beaverkill and Willowemoc and Delaware rivers in the Catskills and the great flyfishing waters of the Adirondacks to the outstanding flyfishing in the Great Lakes, Eric Newman covers all of the many fishing opportunities in the great state of New York.

Rivers, lakes and streams are all covered in great detail along with over 100 detailed maps and hatch charts. The guidebook includes listings of fly shops, lodges and detailed travel information. Eric also covers the great fly fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass and the other warm water fish.

“…a must-have addition to any Garden State angler’s library. Within the exhaustive 500 pages are over 130 river maps and 35 hatch charts along with recommended patterns and essential travel information.” —The Newark Star-Ledger

“…the most comprehensive guide about New York available to the long rod angler. It’s filled with more information that most people will use…Newman has recommended places I haven’t heard of but will try this season as a new adventure with fur and feather. There are enough details on the waters and areas to get you going without any significant investment of time.” –C. Scott Sampson The Finger Lakes Times

“I can think of only two categories of fly fishers who would be interested in Flyfisher’s Guide to New York, by Eric Newman, the latest in a series published by Wilderness Adventures Press:

1. Anglers new to the sport.

2. Experienced anglers looking for new waters to explore.

Come to think of it, that’s just about everyone who considers himself or herself a fly fisher. The New York guide, $26.95 in paperback, is available at, among other places, the Timber Creek Sportsman Shop in Vestal, where copies have been selling briskly, proprietor Dave Dilello said. It’s easy to see why.

Here are more than 500 pages of text and maps detailing just about every river, stream and lake in New York that harbors fish that fly fishers pursue; trout for the most part, of course, but bass and walleyes as well. There are fly emergence tables as well-35 in all- that will be most useful to anglers venturing into areas with which they are unfamiliar. Knowing what flies should be hatching during the time you plan to be there can mean the difference between a memorable trip and one you’d rather forget.

The guide also offers information about fly shops, restaurants and lodgings, should your angling plans involve more than day trips. The books maps are informative. They show the roads that border the streams and, even more important, public access points where they exist, as well as catch-and-release sections.” –David Rossie Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

Eric Newman is both a lawyer and freelance writer living in New York, NY. He is on the Board of Trout Unlimited for the New York City chapter.


ISBN: 1-932098-79-2
Publish Date: 04-14-2010


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