by: Gary Borger

Fly fishing is a sport rich in gear, & successful fly fishers know that selecting & using equipment is just as much a part of their presentation strategy as stalking, casting, or reading waters. B/w illus.; 7×10 inches, 224 pgs.

Casting & General Fly Fishing Techniques

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In this book, Gary Borger thoroughly discusses the how, when, where, and why to develop the ideal equipment selection strategy for your fishing. There’s a detailed discussion on the evolution and speciation of the fly line, fly fishing’s most unique and defining piece of equipment; precise definitions and carefully crafted descriptions of rod action, flexion profile, swing weight, and CCS determination; the ten characteristics of reels that must be considered; extensive notes on origins and construction of leaders, including the Uni-Body; an intimate look at essential knot tying parameters, and much more.

Throughout the book, the ‘how to’ is animated with stories that stretch back over nearly six decades of Gary’s fly-fishing life. Complimenting all of this is a collection of black and white photographs and diagrams, as well as additional illustrations by Jason Borger.


ISBN: 0-9854280-1-5
Publisher: Atlas / Bookmasters
Publish Date: 01-02-2015