by: Scott Bestul and David Hurteau

A collection of gorgeous photos celebrating 500 years of firearms technology, from the early flintlocks to today’s high-tech weaponry, this book shows the history, artistry, and evolving technology of the gun. Color ilus; 11×10.25 inches, 240 pgs.

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About This Book

Guns. For centuries, these beautiful, controversial, essential, and sometimes fearful machines have been an integral part of our lives. From the hand cannons and matchlock muskets of the 1500s to the latest military technology, this book celebrates the artistry, technology, cultural significance, and power of 100 iconic guns. Firearms enthusiasts, history buffs, and shooters of every stripe will find something to marvel at in this gorgeous full-color coffee-table book.

PISTOLS: Beretta 92 9mm, Browning Hi-Power, Chiappa Rhino, Colt 1873 Single Action Army, Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP, Colt Navy Revolver, Colt Python .357 Magnum, Colt Woodsman Second Issue, CZ 75, Desert Eagle, Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull, Glock G17, Luger P08, Mateba Unica 6, Mauser M1896, Remington XP-100, Ruger Blackhawk, Ruger Mark I, Ruger Single-Six, Ruger Super Blackhawk, S&W .44 Model 29, S&W.38 Model 60 Chief’s Special, Sig Sauer P229, Smith & Wesson Model 500, Smith & Wesson Triple Lock, Thompson/Center Contender Pistol, Walther P-38, Walther PPK,

RIFLES:, Barret ‘Light-Fifty’ M82A1, Dakota Model 76, Jarrett Signature Rifle, Knight MK-85, U.S./Springfield M1 Garand, Marlin M336, Marlin Model 39A, Marlin Model 60, Mauser Gewehr 98, New Ultra Light Arms Model 20, Remington Model 600 Magnum, Remington Model 700, Remington Model 870, Remington Nylon 66, Ruger 10/22, Ruger Number One, Savage Model 99, Springfield Model 1903, T/C Classic .22, Tar-Hunt RSG-12, Tikka T3 Hunter, Weatherby Mark V Deluxe, Westley Richards Droplock Double Rifle, Winchester 1873, Winchester 1886 45/70, Winchester Model 52 Sporter, Winchester Model 62A, Winchester Model 70 (pre-1964), Winchester Model 71, Winchester Model 94.

SHOTGUNS: A.H. Fox, Benelli 20 Ga Montefeltro, Benelli Autoloader, Beretta 391, Beretta DT-10 Trident, Beretta Silver Hawk SxS, Beretta SO6 EL Over/Under Shotgun, Browning Auto-5 Standard, Browning BT-99, Browning Citori, Browning Superposed, Browning Gold, Franchi SPAS-12, H&R Topper, Ithaca Model 37, Ithaca Model 4E, Merkel Model 2001EL, Mossberg 500, Parker (shotgun, 1866-1934), Perazzi MX Series, Remington Model 1100, Remington Model 32, Ruger Red Label O/U, Winchester Model 12, Winchester Model 1897, Winchester Model 21, Winchester Super X3.

ARS: AK-47, AR-15, Colt M-16, Colt M4 Carbine, M-14, M-16, Steyr AUG, , SMGs, FN P-90 SMG, FN Five-seven, H&K MP5 , Thompson Model 1928, Uzi.


ISBN: 1-61628-611-3
Publish Date: 10-14-2013


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