by: G. David Tubb

Tubb offers his insights & advice on equip, shooting in the wind, rifle shooting technique, & how to apply a winning strategy. 100 photos & illus.; 6×9 inches, 208 pgs.


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The undisputed rifle champion of all time: 11-time National High Power Rifle Champion & over 30 open, individual Silhouette Rifle National titles, G. David Tubb offers his insights & advice on equipment, shooting in the wind, rifle shooting technique, & how to apply a winning strategy.

G. David Tubb is the winningest NRA Highpower Rifle shooter in history. If we include David’s long successes in Silhouette Rifle, his collegiate accomplishments in ISU, his recent string of victories in the Sportsman’s Team Challenge and Masters events, he emerges as possibly the most accomplished shooter in history, having won some 40 national individual titles in many different forms of rifle competition. Highpower Rifle offers a rare insight into the inner workings of a self-made champion.

While the book is designed so that even non-competitive shooters can work their way from the ground up, even the most accomplished competitor cannot “outgrow” this book. The subject matter is taken to extreme depth and detail. As such, anyone interested in shooting a rifle better will benefit . For instance, any varmint or benchrest shooter will learn a wealth of information on shooting in the wind; any hunter will be well advised to learn what David has to say about rifle-fitting and shooting technique.

“This whole thing is a great experiment. My laboratory is my range and shop. My proving grounds are in Ohio [Camp Perry]. This book is the sum of the results I’ve had with highpower rifle, to this point…”
— G. David Tubb, Highpower Rifle

David Tubb
of Canadian, Texas is one of the winningest rifle shooters in history, having claimed a record 11 National High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry. David may be the greatest rifle shot who’s ever lived. He has also won numerous Long Range Rifle titles, individual and team, and holds countless state and regional championships. He holds some 40 open, individual national championships in Long Range and Silhouette Rifle, and is a member of a 7-time Sportsmans Team Challenge championship team. In addition, David designs and markets his own line of rifle shooting accessories under Superior Shooting Systems, Inc.


ISBN: 0-9626925-2-2
Publisher: Superior Shooting Services
Publish Date: 02-15-2005


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