by: Jeff Kieny

The most comprehensive study of hooks (including spring-loaded & mechanical hooks), harnesses & bait-holders ever published. A must read for anyone interested in fishing history or tackle collecting. 1000+ B&W illus; 8.5×11 inches, 410 pgs.

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Hooks are the most elemental and important tool in catching fish – predating ‘lures’, they form the foundation of fishing. This work is the most comprehensive study of hooks (including spring-loaded and mechanical hooks), harnesses and bait-holders ever published. Mr. Kieny takes the reader on an eye-opening, chronological walk through history; a walk that is as much about the inventors as their products. Hundreds of patented examples are individually profiled, discussed and valued. Each is photographed, presented with its original patent image, and assigned a “findability-factor.”

Detailed background, historical and introductory sections arm the reader with rich past and current perspectives on this emerging collectibles area. Other sections feature hundreds of photographs and descriptions covering both general and company-specific collections, store and salesman displays, country-specific foreign examples and an exciting show ‘n tell area. The breadth and diversity of the hook/harness area is unequalled in any other tackle collectibles area. Representing over 15 years of active research, this book is a must read for anyone interested in fishing history or tackle collecting. Fully indexed with glossary of hook and hook related terms.

Mr. Kieny,
author, noted hook/harness historian and tackle collector, has been a member of the National Fishing Lures Collecting Club for nearly 20 years. Jeff is a passionate lifetime fisherman and enjoys fishing with antique fishing lures and tackle. Graduating from the University of Illinois, Jeff was previously an executive for a large multi-national firm. Now semi-retired, Jeff and his wife Glee live in Missouri, south of Kansas City.


“We now, finally, have a comprehensive study of this underappreciated part of angling history in Jeff Kieny’s new book…After many years of research, Mr. Kieny has put together over 1,000 images on 410 pages, with a price guide, to tell the story as it should be told. This monumental work is destined to become the ‘Go To’ book on the subject. Anyone with an interest in fishing collectibles, or fishing as a sport, should have Kieny’s book in their library; if not for reference then simply for a very entertaining, insightful read…Throughout the whole book are hundreds of hooks, harnesses and bait-holders, both patented and never patented, that have not been seen in print before now. This is a virtual textbook on the history of the American fish hook and long overdue.” — Tim Mierzwa, Author, Spring-Loaded Hooks, Harnesses, & Fishing Lures

“I just finished Jeff Kiney’s new book…[and] all I can say is that this is one of the single most important and informative books on hooks every written. A must for the serious or beginner collector and the tackle history buff.” — Joe Nelson, former Editor, The NFLCC Gazette

“If you haven’t already done so than you really need to pick up a copy of the new book by Jeff Kieny. Not just a book on hooks, this is a resource that covers thousands of the contraptions that fishermen have created. I was pleased to find Tons of information on Early Lures, Glass, Metal, and of course there is every hook and bait retainer imaginable.
 All collectors have a box of ‘stuff’ that they can’t identify. I read less than 20 pages of this book and identified 3 lures that I have, and one of them is worth WAY more than I paid for the book! This will be one of those ‘go to’ books that collectors carry around at shows for many years to come.”
 — Charlie Atwood

“Jeff has done an outstanding job!” — Bill Sonnett

“I’m still reading this book and have gathered a lot of great info from it. You have done a GREAT job. Congrats!!” — “Pepper” Jack Gallagher, Author, The Peppers of Rome, New York


ISBN: 0-9815102-2-1
Publisher: Whitefish Press
Publish Date: 08-30-2008


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