by: Horace J. Lytle

In “Point!” the author has produced something considerably more than merely another book on the hunting of upland feathered game, and the canines that so gloriously help to make rays afield all that they can be. It even classifies, we believe, as a great human document—a book that will be valued all the more for tis contrast to present world chaos. It is basic in the fundamentals of our American heritage. It should help us all in a calm confident facing of what we do face today. 6×9 inches, 246 pgs.

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Horace Lytle has lived 70 years, and in his book he covers most of them. Starting with the first point he ever saw, and the first quail he ever killed, he fascinatingly carries you with him from Mississippi to Saskatchewan, from Ohio to Florida—for Bob White, Grouse, Wood Prairie Chickens, with Ducks and Geese thrown in for good measure.
Perhaps America’s foremost pointing dog authority, he served for 20 years as Gun Dog Editor of Field and Stream. In “Point!” he pulls no punches on himself, but tells frankly of his own problems—even failures—with dogs of his own, some of which are screamingly funny as he tells them.
Yes, this book is as amusing as it is importantly factual. You’ll love it—from the very first page to the last. We have no doubt as to that. You’ll learn many angles of how to hunt—how to shoot—and how to enjoy it all the more.
A distinctly American book; none published has ever been more so.


ISBN: 0-8117-3665-2
Publish Date: 09-15-2017


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