by: Robert G Wehle

Chronicles the step-by-step development of National Champion Elhew Snakefoot and outlines Wehle’s now-famous breeding program while sharing his successful stress-free techniques of training. 256 pgs.

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“No man has done more, or dedicated more of his life to the breeding of pointers – the consummate bird dog – than Bob Wehle. And no man has articulated more eloquently the quintessential qualities of our lives with those dogs, and making of champions – be they officially titled, or, like the grandson of Snakefoot curled at my feet, champions only in our hearts.”
David Meisner, Editor & Publisher Pointing Dog Journal

“Robert G. Wehle is a multifaceted man – successful in business, supporter of worthy causes, an artist, a writer, and for those engaged in the world of sporting dogs, the breeder of some of the best bird dogs of the last half-century. This book is an odyssey – a journey spanning some six decades of association with that marvelous animal, the canine athlete, and many of the priceless personalities who have graced the sporting dog scene. Often provocative, always informative – these are qualities one can expect from Bob Wehle when he writes about bird dogs.”
Bernie Matthys, Editor & Publisher American Field

“This book will not become one of the few classic texts in dog scholarship. It will have that status when it comes from the press, for no one has a broader grasp of the gun dog subject. This is one of the best dog books ever written. You will enjoy reading it and all your dogs to come will be mighty glad you did”
Bill Tarrant, Senior Gun Dog Editor Field & Stream

“On a certain level, Snakefoot: The Making of a Champion is the chronicle of one dog’s journey from the whelping box to the dais at the Top Shooting Dog of the Year awards ceremony. But on a deeper level, it is nothing less than a blueprint for bird dog greatness, a blueprint authored by the only man truly qualified for the task”
Tom Davis, Senior Gun Dog Editor Sporting Classics

Robert Wehle
has bred Elhew English pointers for sixty years. Through the decades, he has bred, trained, and handled dozens of National Champions. The most prestigious in the country, Elhew Kennels consistently produces top shooting dogs under his watchful eye.

Robert is also an acclaimed sculptor who specializes in sporting bronzes – primarily the realistic likenesses of his own pointers, thoroughbred horses, native animals, and the occasional bust. His complete works can be seen at Lime Rock Gallery, in Sackets Harbor, New York.

His first book, Wing and Shot, written in 1964, is now in its sixth printing and has become a classic text on gun dog training. He is also the producer of the Wing and Shot video, a two-hour, two-volume video on his stress-free methods of training top shooting dogs.

Elhew Snakefoot, the beloved subject of this book, is presently enjoying retirement from the field trial area and an active ‘social life’ as a much sought-after stud dog. Half of his stud fee is donated to the National Bird Dog Foundation.


ISBN: 0-913174-06-8
Publisher: Country Press
Publish Date: 06-01-1996


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