by: Gary A. Borger

What the rod tip does, the line does. From this underlying principle, Gary builds an amazingly thorough understanding of fly casting, and introduces concepts that help you achieve mastery over this essential angling skill. With the easily-understood techniques that he sets forth in this book, you will quickly acquire the essential elements of fly casting by using the time-proven pantomime-practice technique. Your abilities will grow quickly as technique flows seamlessly into technique, and precise casting tactics become integral components of your fly fishing. In this delightfully informative book, he leads you through a thorough understanding of casting development and skill acquisition–from the nine different ways you can grip the rod, to highly detailed and easily understood descriptions of the three methods of fly casting. He details the essential understanding of Acceleration, Loop Formation, and Energy Transfer (A.L.E.), and presents the best practice tools and methods for developing good casting quickly. Illustrated with photos and the line art of Jason Borger, 160 pgs.

Casting & General Fly Fishing Techniques


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Gary reveals the secret of High Speed High Line (HS/HL) that he uses to make high, fast backcasts with tight line loops, and the way to shoot a long line. He shows you how to utilize a wide variety of casting styles, including the Elliptical Stroke, Casting in the Wind, Sidearm Casting, Tournament Style Accuracy, the Galway cast, and Across the Head Casting. In addition he skillfully covers the Bow and Arrow Cast, Extended Bow and Arrow, Roll Cast, Sidearm Roll Cast, Switch Cast, and Sidearm Switch and more, for your successful use in all fishing conditions. These many, highly useful techniques are backed by their use in his lifetime of fly fishing, worldwide.


ISBN: 0-9854280-2-3
Publisher: Atlas / Bookmasters
Publish Date: 09-08-2023