by: Charles T. Jurney

A concise training method made from the video by Joseph Middleton. An instructional DVD using the rapid & revolutionary, step-by-step training methods, proven since 1961. Watch an expert use Richard A. Wolters’ revolutionary training methods to turn a seven week old puppy into a finished retriever. Contains 48 chapters that can be instantly delivered to the screen with a click of the remote. DVD, 87 min.

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Picture quality is superior, and it contains 48 chapters that can be instantly delivered to the screen with a click of the remote. For hunt trials and water fowl hunting. This DVD has everything the famous book has and much more. Acclaimed by the major hunting and outdoor magazines, this DVD is for the hunter who wants a water dog fast and wants to train it him or herself.

It is based on the scientific research that its author, Richard A. Wolters, made famous. Water Dog comes to life in exciting sight and sound as it shows you how to choose the right puppy in the litter, how to lock in the basic commands of sit, come, heel, kennel, no and down in play school and serious school. Taking only a few minutes each day, it then shows you how to create a well trained, highly motivated water dog. From directional backs and triple marks to blind retrievers, this DVD takes the confusion out of training.

“Water Dog also includes the newest techniques of force fetching, swim-by, find-it and honoring. This is the “bible” for training a hunting retriever. Water Dog” has been passed down from friend to friend for almost four decades and now it is even easier in DVD!

Everyone loves a well behaved dog. Follow the steps in this DVD and you’ll have a dog who will follow hand and whistle signals, deliver birds to hand, be steady to gun fire, go in water happily, and many more feats. Have the well-trained Retriever you’ve always wanted in just a few short months!

Why pay a professional trainer when, for a fraction of the cost, you can train your own dog. Let us show you a system that has worked for millions of hunters and dog lovers for over three decades. This DVD is a teaching guide that will last a lifetime. Running time is 87 minutes.


Water Dog [is] an excellent DVD produced by the Wolters Estate.”
–Gray’s Sporting Journal

“If the viewer follows the trainer’s method as shown on the screen, he or she will have the perfect, well behaved retrieving dog that can do everything except dance the Texas Two-Step!”.
–The Washington Times

“Without a doubt, this is the most popular method ever filmed–because it works and it’s easy!” —Field And Stream

Water Dog
“For 35 years, trainers of gun dogs have been realizing that Richard A. Wolters was something special. Bushy-haired, pipe stuck in mouth, he looked more like a sea captain than a student of animal behavior. Wolters’ premise was this: Far from deserving rough handling, working dogs must have a sense of belonging to perform to their fullest. In his books, Game Dog, Gun Dog and Water Dog, he advocates keeping dogs in the house. For many handlers, this was revolutionary. This video teaches the best elements of Wolters’ books. You’ll learn how to discipline your dog gently, keep him quiet in the blind and get him quickly retrieving birds. Only 10 minutes of lessons twice a day will polish an inexperienced pup into a finished retriever.”
–Sports Afield

Proven Winner
“Charles Jurney delivers a hands-on, step-by-step training program that begins when a retriever pup is 49 days old. Based on Richard A. Wolters’ book Water Dog, this DVD provides both novice and experienced dog owners alike valuable instruction on how to develop the complete retriever. The premise is quite simple – teaching the pup what the owner wants. The desired response is then conditioned by repeating the training drill over and over. Training sessions are kept short, and range from basic obedience and introducing the pup to water to obeying hand and whistle signals – and everything in between. For the person who is seeking the satisfaction involved with molding a finished retriever, this DVD will be an invaluable training aid.”
–Ducks Unlimited

“The words of the late Richard A. Wolters, founder of the North American Hunting Retriever Association, have long guided both professional and amateur dog trainers in their quest for the perfect field companion. Now, two more of Wolters best-selling books from the ’70s and ’80s, Water Dog and Gun Dog, are available on video to hunters hoping to shape their own retriever of upland pointer. Another Wolters’ classic, Game Dog, has been available on video for a couple of years.

Many sportsmen are hesitant to undertake the daunting task of training their own dog, convinced that they have neither the time nor the patience to help shape a young pup properly. This DVD proves otherwise. Professional trainer Charlie Jurney, a Wolters’ disciple, walks the viewer through the earliest considerations and step in selecting a puppy and familiarizing him to his new surroundings. Step-by-step guidance is offered from teaching basic commands on up to the advanced instruction of a finished dog. Just 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening everyday is all that is required to train your dog using Wolters’ proven methods.

Water Dog goes on to teach the specific methods needed to develop a retrieving dog, while “Gun Dog” focuses on shaping pointing and flushing breeds for upland use. I am currently using what I have learned from Water Dog to train my five-month-old Labrador retriever (my first such endeavor), and am quite pleased with our progress thus far. Though I did not purchase my dog as young as recommended, the principles were easily adapted to my situation. With time a precious commodity for many sportsmen, the DVD offers concise, quickly understandable strategies for getting the trainee to do what you command, something that is sorely needed when you have a dog running wild through the house and testing everybody’s patience but the birds’.”
–American Hunter

“The video version of the well known training book by Richard Wolters, contains the same basic techniques for training a hunting retriever, but has been updated to include a few newer methods, which have come to light since Wolters wrote his book. Completely missing is the use of a dummy launcher – added is the double “T”, swim by and other drills.

Trainer Charles Jurney progresses pups through each step, illustrating the lessons with mostly “rookie” pups, so that the viewer has an idea of what to expect and how to correct their dog.

The DVD is straight forward, and easy to follow with humane, effective lessons. As with the book most novice trainers and their dogs will benefit from following the techniques in the video.”
–Retriever Field Trail News

“Training video a bargain”

At first glance, the decision looks like a no-brainer: Spend $1500 to $2000 to have your dog professionally trained, or $50 for a video and book?

But a hasty answer to this one can leave you feeling brainless later on.

There is no doubt that almost all dogs can be successfully trained by their owners using one of the many fine videos and books on the subject, if they invest the time and patience.

For hunters who qualify, the video “Water Dog: The Hunter’s Retriever for Waterfowl” is among the best on the market.

That shouldn’t surprise hunters. The video is based on the book of the same name by the late Richard Wolters that gave hundreds of thousands of sportsmen the confidence to train their own dogs. Wolters’ success sprang from his ability to communicate his major themes: Early-age training, keeping things simple and fun, and a step system that leads to a finished hunter able to respond to whistle and hang signals. More than 700,000 copies of the book have been sold.

The instructor on the DVD is Charlie Jurney, a North Carolina trainer with a successful kennel who has a special affection for Water Dog.

“I trained my first dog with Richard’s book, when I was still a pharmacist,” Jurney said. “So, I know it works.”

Over the course of its 87 minutes, the DVD covers every step of training, from socialization of the young pup, to a finished hunter at age 10 months.


ISBN: 0-MCM-00075-0
Publish Date: 07-15-2002


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